What we do / things you need to know 
  1     Assist in calculating the quantity of carpet needed for your course. Click on Video "How to measure your course for carpet". if you still need
         assistance simply contact us at 321-693-0601 . Our goal is to minimize waste while eliminating seams.
  2     The average install requires two to four days if the course is closed.
         Arrangement can be made to install the carpet at night when your course is closed,enabling you to continue operating during your normal business             hours. However this will add on average  two days to the install at a slightly higher yardage rate.

  3    In some cases Heavy build up of adhesive will need to be cleaned up, This usually occurs in courses that have been re-carpeted more than twice.
        We sand and power scrape off the excess adhesive with heavy grit sanding discs, this is included in the slab prep 

  5    Remove existing carpet and dispose of trash in owner supplied receptacle

  6    After removal of existing carpet and the course has been sanded we then  pressure wash the concrete slabs  Adhesive failure may occur
        if concrete is not dry and free of any dirt 

  7    Repair basic stress cracks in concrete ( included with slab prep). excessive concrete issues would be an additional       
        charge quoted up front. 

  8    Repair loose pavers up to fifty (included with slab prep)

  9    Install new carpet, no additional charge for fringe and bunker.
        We do not charge for any roll balance of carpet not installed.

 10   Extensive care is taken to protect against damage to plants . Where necessary we will use the old carpet as a template 
        for the new, avoiding damage to landscaping.

 11   Only the highest quality outdoor petroleum based adhesive is used. Dont be fooled by installers using cheap latex based    
       adhesive , any moisture within 72 hours after installation will result in a failure of the carpet to bond to the concrete

 12   Great care is given to clean up, your course is left free of any debris and ready to play.

 13   You will need to bring in a dumpster for trash. The average 18 hole mini golf course requires a 20 yard dumpster

 14    LFI will supply and deliver petrolium based outdoor adhesive, separate line item on estimate. 
 15   Weather is critical, Slab temperature can not be below 40 degrees .Temps below 40 degrees may result in adhesive failure

 16   We will need to know what type of Tee Box transition you would like. 
Course Alterations
Small changes can make a big difference
Added a ball stop
to prevent ball from rolling back down to t-box
New Pavers can transform any course
Cup sleeves clean up unsightly bare edges        and protect against excessive wear   
                                 Darren Burley                                        321-693-0601                                             golfcarpet@1791.com
widened T off
                      Consulting Service 
   We will send one of our professional mini golf
 course turf installers to work with your installers
 to insure your turf is properly installed    
                     Call or email for quote
              321-693-0601      golfcarpet@1791.com